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I have taken over the mantle of the Presidency of Middlesex Law Society in a year of crisis, being the pandemic (‘Wartime’ in the words of the Prime Minister). First and foremost, I give full credit and gratitude to my predecessor President, Ms Alberta Owusu-Tevie. Alberta served two full years and more. Following her stepping down, I hope to build on the good work she did. I know hers will be a hard act to follow because of her experience and seniority. I view this opportunity as a privilege to serve the Society and the profession at large. I gain strength by having the support of more experienced members such as Michael Garson (TLS Council Member) and former MLS Presidents Maralyn Hutchinson and Maurice Guyer. Their presence and input will improve my confidence that I can fulfil the tasks of navigating the Society and achieving our goals during my tenure.

With God’s blessing, and the fantastic work of the NHS, the vaccination programme has given a light at the end of the tunnel to the people of this country. The legal profession kept the light burning without being blown out. Many firms in our constituency kept offices open whilst others continue to provide an excellent service working from home. In Conveyancing, the market did not fall or crash but kept the work going in residential and commercial transactions. In litigation, the vulnerable and deserving people are being served, Courts are functioning, members of our profession, Solicitors and Barristers kept the Courts functioning and the rule of law is being upheld without a sign of anarchy in our country (the country which gave the Magna Carta to the world). Therefore, I urge all the members of our profession to be proud and as my father always says, “We lawyers do not undergo hardship and suffering, but we overcome struggle and hardship.”

The distraction of Covid has meant we have forgotten the implementation of Brexit and we are now free to do trade deals and business with all the nations in the world including our neighbours and partners being the European Union. I am confident that our country will prosper in the future and better times are coming not only for business and markets but also will bring prosperity for the Legal Profession. The speed of the vaccination programme covering all vulnerable people first, the Government putting its arm around the people in their difficult times giving all the financial supports, such as furlough schemes, self-employed grants, business grants, guaranteed CBil loans and Bounce Back loans, the stamp duty holiday, which is assisting first-time buyers and in turn Conveyancing firms all over the country, have in my opinion become a front-line model in the world for other countries to admire. That gives me the hope that growth and prosperity is around the corner. I urge all our members to gear up, invest in your Firms and be ready to enjoy the prosperity. This is my vision for our Profession for the next two years.

For our Society, we have survived during this pandemic and we must now activate and increase our activities in the coming years. I urge all the committee members who are active or dormant, to be pro-active and commit to the Society. We have to serve our members to the maximum by offering a helping hand whenever they need it in these times more than ever and to increase and support the knowledge base by offering regular seminars and courses.

This is the time to look forward with hope and encouragement of what is on the horizon. I therefore call upon all members to take part in our future activities, educational courses, and social functions which we will notify to you. We actively encourage you to send us articles, anecdotes, campaign issues, subjects for future seminars and anything else law related, either myself or Maralyn Hutchinson.

Thank you all and please see the latest edition of the Bill of Middlesex.

Miles Sriharan


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